Classroom of Hope

With a strong foundation built on compassion, commitment and a deep understanding of the transformative power of education, Classroom of Hope grew and evolved its programs into affordable housing, and they needed a fresh new look to fit their unwavering dedication to sustainability.

We have been working with Classroom of Hope since its very early stages providing web design services back in 2013! Ever since then we have been helping them by providing our pro-bono pixel services.

With a decade of supporting under-served communities in South-East Asia and Africa, and a renewed focus on innovation, sustainability and storytelling, Classroom of Hope needed a brand that fit the bill.

We worked in collaboration with Loft Social, who handled the strategy side of things, while we took care of developing a brand identity to match the new colourful vision of Classroom of Hope. With a solid strategy and a versatile brand system in place, Classroom of Hope re-launched themselves successfully and continued to grow as a loving charity.

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inititial exploration

Classroom of Hope approached us with this brief without a clue as to what kind of direction they wanted to head toward. Keeping in mind that the strategy still needed working on, we proposed a few initial directions to get the ball rolling – an evolution of the current owl mascot, a playful youthful look, and a more mature direction.

At this stage we experimented with everything – logomarks, colour palettes, typography and font use, potential graphic devices, icons etc. We wanted to make sure that what we were coming up with can be applied to the bigger picture of the brand.

Throughout this exploratory phase, we aimed to create a brand identity that would not only reflect the evolution and growth of Classroom of Hope, but also evoke a sense of trust and credibility to attract new supporters to join in their mission.


Loft Social worked closely with Classroom of Hope to finetune their brand and digital strategy that would resonate with their target audience and amplify their impact. With a deep understanding of Classroom of Hope’s core values, mission, and vision, Loft Social was able to gain insight into fostering the best direction for Classroom of Hope to head toward.

Comprehensive market research and competitor analysis were conducted to identify unique differentiators, ensuring Classroom of Hope’s distinct voice would stand out in a crowded landscape.

In tandem with our branding work, Loft Social worked to craft a robust digital and communications strategy to bolster Classroom of Hope’s online presence and community engagement. The strategy encompassed a focus on compelling storytelling on social media campaigns to foster meaningful connections with their supporters and amplify Classroom of Hope’s impact through targeted outreach.

To execute this, Loft Social devised six content pillars for Classroom of Hope to take on – impact stories, project updates, partnerships, sustainability, project statistics and research, and Classroom of Hope Events & Behind-the-scenes. It was at this stage that Classroom of Hope said goodbye to an era, and opted to not use their owl mascot moving forward.


Building sustainable environments for people to live, learn and thrive


We paid particular attention to developing the new logo for Classroom of Hope. With quite a long name, we had to create a logomark that captures the essence of hope. We wanted it resonate with Classroom of Hope mission of transformation, while embodying a sense of optimism and growth.

Through meticulous concepting, we managed to developed a simple yet versatile logomark that extends into the brand’s visual language. Inspired by the idea of “building blocks” (the toy and the abstract relation to being the foundations of something bigger), the new logo ticked all the boxes. It embodied the essence of hope, evoked a sense of optimism, and nodded toward Classroom of Hope’s mission and what they provide to communities.

the brand & visual language

With Classroom of Hope’s playful personality in mind, and Loft Social’s strategy of content pillars, the colour palette was finetuned to give Classroom of Hope a colourful vibrance to make them shine. The colour palette consists of a core palette and campaign palette in a non-hierarchical system to allow for more freedom of use and colour combinations.

typography system

Classroom of Hope needed a typography palette to compliment the new colour palette and the new logo. After experimenting and testing, we found the perfect pair – Aremic Rounded and Stolzl. The blocky nature of Aremic was a no brainer to tie in the building blocks Classroom of Hope use, and Stolzl grounds the palette through it modern and geometric simplicity.

With a vision as big as Classroom of Hope’s, we couldn’t help ourselves but to developed a special-use custom font for them! Dubbed COH Bloks, this typeface will be used in special cases to highlight a word or statistic.

graphic devices

Using the new dynamic Classroom of Hope logomark, we dissected it to its base shapes that can be used as graphic devices when developing brand collateral. With these base shapes, we developed graphic icons to pair with Loft Social’s content pillars to execute their digital strategy.

photography themes

illustrative icon suite

To infuse a genuine human touch into Classroom of Hope’s new brand, we decided to incorporate hand-drawn illustrative icons into the visual identity. These intricate illustrations not only conveyed a sense of personalisation, but also added a touch of authenticity and warmth to the brand. Embracing the organisation’s colour palette, these hand-drawn illustrations radiated a welcoming and approachable aura for Classroom of Hope that forged stronger emotional connections with supporters and stakeholders.

"Something nice they said about the work we did for them and how well it was publicly received and how well it was successfully launched etc"
Nicola Courtin - Co-Founder & Creative Director