Starbloom Paediatrics

Starbloom Paediatrics, a new specialist paediatric healthcare clinic in Perth, sought to establish a strong brand identity to launch their unique services effectively.

With a focus on providing exceptional specialist care for children in one hub, they recognised the need for a captivating brand that would communicate their expertise, compassion, and commitment. 

We collaborated with Starbloom to develop a memorable brand to set them apart and successfully launching their clinic into the competitive healthcare landscape. 

By strategically combining market research and creative expertise, we were able to establish Starbloom Paediatrics as a trusted partner in Perth paediatric healthcare, leaving a positive impact on the community.

services / roles

strategy workshop

Starbloom Paediatrics approached us with a complete blank canvas – the name ‘Starbloom’ had not even been formed yet! 

Through collaborative workshops to figure out the bare bones of their brand strategy – landing on the initial key words of heart, growth, safety, together, and medical –  and multiple brainstorming sessions, we landed upon Starbloom. 

We were then able to dig deeper to shape the foundation of their brand strategy. We worked closely with Starbloom to establish their core elements that would bring their vision to life, including defining their target audience, pinpointing their unique value proposition, and identifying their key brand attributes.

With a solid strategic framework in place, we had set the stage for our subsequent creative endeavours that would shape Starbloom’s brand identity and story, and propel them into a successful launch.



Starbloom  provides a variety of specialist paediatric care services in one hub through modern integrations of technology for the children of Perth, ensuring quality care and treatment that their parents/carers can trust us with.


Starbloom were after a logo that communicated their essence. We needed to communicate growth, child-friendly but not infantile, and in a way that places Starbloom in the modern age of paediatrics. 

We started by exploring star bursts and floral imagery and combining the two to showcase Starbloom’s commitment to elevated care to the children of Perth. We simultaneously started to experiment with colour palettes at this stage too. 

For the Starbloom’s wordmark, we knew it had to be a clean sans serif to maintain a professional medical look, but with a certain softness to it to make it friendly and inviting. Sulphur Point by Dale Sattler hit the mark with its geometric roundedness, but with the trickiness of some repeated shapes, we made some certain adjustments. 

Through feedback and refinement with the Starbloom team, we had established a logo that was easily identifiable, welcoming and modern in the paediatric landscape of Perth. 

the brand and visual language

We had to create a visual language that maintained a medical professionalism feel with a playful touch. 

Poppins’ geometric nature lead us to creating a vibrant and colourful colour palette for Starbloom to stand out against the Perth market and to be welcoming to the children they take care of.

With a colourful range, it benefits Starbloom to colour code their different specialist service offerings aswell. 

Starbloom’s graphic devices were drawn from its logomark, and inspired by the nostalgia of having a bead maze toy in most paediatric waiting rooms. We deconstructed the toy to its most basic shape – the circle, which pairs well with our geometric typeface.

We successfully crafted a comprehensive visual identity for Starbloom with a vibrant colour palette and playful graphic devices that give Starbloom versatility as a brand.


The website is one of the primary touchpoints for Starbloom's target audience. Wayfinding needed to be absolutely clear for the target audience to locate their service offerings, and to follow through to book an appointment.

"Something nice they said about the work we did for them and how successful the launch was and how booked up they've been since launch, their growth etc"
Dr. Robert Lethbridge - Co Director